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Apple X Fold | Apple’s first Foldable iPhone in 2023


Apple is working vigorously to develop its new Foldable iPhone – Apple X Fold. With a 8 inch foldable OLED display. According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who posted some details about it in a new note to investors. According to Kuo, iPhone maker plans 15-20 million units for 2023 for foldable device.

Apple is doing the same thing as it is doing on its first electric self-driving car. Although it is an upcoming smartphone right now, but it seems that Apple will launch it in the starting 2023, and should also be launched as we are eagerly waiting. And also the phone can get the latest iOS version with some special feature which we will discuss below.

Apple foldable iPhone rumors

It is being said that Apple’s new foldable iphone may have some parts of LG rollable smartphone and may be similar in design, but perhaps “Apple” would prefer to design their own design rather than others. LG has a variety of foldable display prototypes that use flexible OLED panels, in which folds like a book and roll each other like a newspaper.

Recently, Samsung reportedly offer Apple to supply a foldable display, and Apple supplier Corning is working on a foldable glass solution. Corning is a current Apple supplier, and the foldable glass from Corning is promising for future iPhones.

Apple X Fold spec

Apple is in constant touch with Taiwanese material suppliers Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon for this. According to the report, Apple may use OLED or micro-LED screen technology in its first foldable iPhone, which will be made by Samsung. The company is currently busy testing screens and bearings.

Taiwanese media firm cites supply chain source as saying that The company is actually working on bringing its first Apple foldable iPhone in 2022. The company is currently testing the foldable iPhone screen and bearings.

The South Korean company Samsung will supply display and the bearings will be made by many suppliers. New Nikko will be the main supplier and Hon High Company will be assembling the foldable handset. Hon-Hai has been named one of Apple’s largest foundries for the iPhone.

Foldable iPhone design

There is still much to learn about Apple’s foldable iPhone plans, but one thing is certain: Whatever strategy Apple adopts in developing its first foldable phone will likely dictate the trajectory of the industry.

Apple’s first foldable iPhone patent surfaced in 2016, describing a smartphone that folds horizontally using a flexible OLED display and a hinged metal support structure. Both parts of the display remain accessible when the phone is switched off, and there are also pictures depicting devices with multiple folds.

A 2019 patent application describes a foldable smartphone with a built-in heating element or display heating feature to cut failures at the folds in cold temperatures, a problem that has the potential to impact the foldable smartphone.

Apple iPhone X fold features

This is not the first time we are hearing about Apple’s foldable phone. In February, Apple patented a new hinge design for a foldable phone. The patent shows that Apple is trying to create a unique hinge design, which enables sufficient space between two displays for flexible screens when the phone is folded. This space created in the middle of the hinge allows it to be in a curved position to prevent any crease or tension. Heinz uses a movable flap to achieve this.

The foldable phone segment is still a great one, with Samsung unveiling the first ever commercial foldable phone last year. This foldable handset caused many problems, which led to a delay in launching, but was followed by the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is very smooth. Apple, given its reputation, wants to plug all the flaws before launching a foldable iPhone.

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