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Hi friends! As seen in my thumbnail iphone 13, yes that’s right. Apple iPhone 13 series 2021 expected to launch in the last of 2021 as next iPhone. In this covid-19 epidemic, Apple is preparing its next iPhone. You must know that Apple will keep its next iPhone with lots of features. So let’s know its features, price and more interesting things.

Launching in September 2021

Renowned analyst specializing in Apple Leak, Ming-Chi Kuo, reported that the iPhone 13 is on track for a September 2021 launch. Kuo stated in his latest note that “the mass production schedule of the iPhone 13 will be similar to the iPhone 12 lineup”. This means that in September 2021 you can see the launch of the updated iPhone 13 series.

The initial price of the iPhone 12 Series is Rs 69990

The price of the iPhone 12 Series starts at Rs 69,900 in India. Note that at this price you get 64 GB iPhone 12 Mini whereas the regular iPhone 12 which we reviewed starts at a price of Rs 79,900.

It will be seen that the iPhone 12 series has a starting price of 67,000 and if it can increase, then it can be estimated that the Apple iPhone 13 series price can be above Rs 1lakh ($ 1,300) in the starting and then later may the price be reused.

Features of iPhone 13 2021 may same as iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 returned to flat sides with a new design, meaning the “iPhone 13” probably wouldn’t change the exterior design too much from year to year. Apple has given its iPhone chains on a tick-to-talk refresh cycle for redesigns as to how their supply chain and design cycles work. The longer a design can be reused, the wider margin Apple can make over its current model.

It is a matter of thinking that Apple wants its iPhone 13 Pro model to have a 120Hz refresh rate, but they must be variable to prevent inadvertent battery drain. This will be accomplished using the LTPO backplane, which the Apple Watch uses to always be on to reduce the screen to 1Hz.

As the design of the body changes, a camera change usually occurs over a longer cycle. The iPhone 12 Pro has the same three-camera system as the iPhone 11 Pro, but with an additional sensor for LiDAR. This camera design is also done for the 2021 Pro iPhone lineup.

iPhone 2021 Camera

The leak states that the 2020 quality camera phone will feature a 64-megapixel camera with shooter with wide lens and 1x optical zoom (6x digital zoom), 3MP to 5x optical zoom with 40MP telephoto lens (15-20x digital zoom), 0.25 to 40MP will be ultra-wide. x “optical reverse zoom” and a 40MP anamorphic lens with a 2.1: 1 ratio. Ming-Chi Kuo says that the 2021 iPhone will be improved with ultra wide cameras with f1.8 aperture and 6P lens. The current ultra wide lens is f2.4 and 5P, so the improvements will greatly improve low-light photos.

The big jump in megapixels would be highly unusual for Apple, as they have historically avoided changing the megapixel count until it was absolutely necessary. The camera system will most likely have better zooom, better sensor size and more powerful LiDAR.



The iPhone 12 is standard in the lineup and 5G in the mmWave band. According to Apple, mmWave is only available in the US on the iPhone, but this may change in future models. As 5G smartphones becomes more ubiquitous, Apple will want traveling people to reach the speeds they find at home, so the global expansion of 5G support is natural. Under ideal conditions 5G can provide 3.5Gbps download speed.

Apple iPhone 13 2021 MagaSafe

Apple introduced MagaSafe to the iPhone 12 lineup for charging and connecting accessories. It offers 15W charging, but no data posture. If Apple wants to go at least port-less in the future, it is likely because Magacef will handle the port role. If the MagaSafe in Apple iPhone 13 series can handle data and charging, then features such as CarPlay and syncing to the Mac will still be possible.

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