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I think we should talk about cyber security today, a very important subject to inform others. As we all know about security, and many people will implement it or not, if you do not secure your computer today, then you must do it tomorrow. Because there are about 1000 hacks daily. Those who do not secure their computers today may be heck tomorrow, but if you secure your PC today, it will be less likely. But, is your method best to secure your system or have question “What is the best security software”. Don’t worry, Secure your computer from cyber attack with 7 best security software and virus removals.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is constantly working to secure your digital device. For this, a website named ‘Cyber ​​Sanitation Center‘ has also been created. Here are 7 tools to protect a smartphone, computer, laptops or other device from cyber attack. All these tools are operated by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) with Quick Heel, ESCAN.

With the help of these computers security software you can monitor botnet cleaning and malware.

How does Botnet attack work?

A botnet is a collection of Internet-connected devices infected with malware that allows hackers or viruses to control them. Botnets are used to steal data, send spam, or for other cyber attacks.

In such a situation, we suggest you that business security is more important, and wants you to use these 7 security software tools to secure your device and avoid botnet attack.

Avira Free antivirus for windows

The best free antivirus download

Avira Free Antivirus for Windows continues to score highly on AV-TEST’s rigorous testing program, instigating 99.7% of test threats, and is more special in that it typically doesn’t place a huge burden on your hardware. Avira Free Security for windows will be one of the favorite free Windows antivirus in 2021.

We can say that Avira antivirus can be a best virus removal tool that detect and block malwares (viruses, ransomware, banker trojans, and more). The introduction of a free security suite with anti-ransomware and a 500MB/month free VPN and various speedup promises. There is also a paid package available, but in fact the Avira Free Antivirus has exactly the same feature as the Avira Premium Premium package, but the premium is slightly different. So, Avira should be the best free antivirus download from our category, as it has best ever anti-malware engines on the market, contains more free features than any other competitor.


Kaspersky Antivirus total computer security software

Light and easy to use.

It is a very well-known computer security software that we all know better. Kaspersky windows security software often score high in the charts of the best virus prevention solutions also AV-TEST recently gave it full marks across the board in its latest round of tests.

It is not premium compared to better features even it is the free computer security software for our PC. We could not secure our computer better than it, Kaspersky free version brings a standstill to viruses and removes them as virus removal of our PC. If we talk about internet security so, Kaspersky also look towards internet. Now a days spreading of many malware, internet viruses are increasing continuously. By this Kaspersky internet security software works to make secure your online shopping and banking transaction.

Kaspersky free version does not have some features that are in paid version, such as privacy protection and safe payment. But, it has many purposes due to which we can call it “powerful program tool for our computer”.

USB security software for windows

This gives security to your desktop. That is, it controls pen drives, hard drives, cell phones and other USB supported devices used in PCs. It includes many features such as password protection, data encryption, auto run security, and malware detection. You can also download this tool for free. It works on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10.


Sophos home free – best remote management antivirus

A great choice for a PC-filled home

Sophos home is slightly more advanced than most free security software, and actually seems better suited to families and business grade security. Combined with central management of up to 10 PCs, this means that you can effectively turn off your children’s browsing option. It has better than before remote management system that means you can get antivirus scanning with real-time security updates on 3 computers.

However, Sophos home can detect a good amount of malware threats, but it missed all the tested ransomware files, which is more important. Even more, costumers get better virus removal and protection option, content control and anti-malware protection.

Bitdefender Antivirus free edition

Best free business security antivirus

Bitdefender may be very familiar name for everyone. Whereas due to this reason, there are so many things in it, due to which people like to buy it, which we’ll discuss later but now the time to talk about Bitdefender Antivirus’s security and interface. So, The first thing is that Bitdefender Antivirus free edition runs on autopilot mode in a way, it may have some side effects as well. Just like a few years ago when Panda Antivirus identified itself as a virus and shut down a large number of Windows systems.

However, Bitdefender Antivirus deserves to be the best free business security software. Because it proofs that Bitdefender is clean, light weight and easy to use free antivirus software, which is almost universally faster than the industry average.

A part from this, Bitdefender antivirus plus is a premium antivirus software which provides you approximately better function than free edition. Its a paid software for PC so, absolutely it will cost also. Bitdefender plus price is around $2 per month with 24/7 support, you can buy it online too.

Avast free antivirus for computer

Extra features for free too


Avast the well known, and main character that is free antivirus for Windows, Mac, iOS, even work for Android too. Avast and AVG have not been fully merged despite the former formally taking over in mid-2016. The new joint company says the two free antivirus products will remain separate, although a joint AV package is on the way soon.

The Avast free virus removal and scanner detect and block virus and other malware on computer, Avast also scan for Wi-Fi security weaknesses by detecting intruders and security vulnerabilities in your network. And it also creates as password security software for computer.

Not only that, Avast also creates an extra layer of security from hackers, even protecting your photos, videos and other daily essentials. The latest version of Avast Free Antivirus adds an automatic gaming mode to mute popups and reduce system-load when you’re removing a processor-hungry game, which is actually pretty easy, and makes the interface brand new overhaul.


Panda free security software for windows

Panda Free Windows’ version focuses mostly on its main core antivirus engine, with minimal extras. The exception is a hotspot shield-based VPN, but the Panda free edition limits you to only transfer 150MB of data a day, making it useless for almost all of the tasks. The most important feature in Panda free security is rescue kit option that can help you overcome more stubborn threats by installing a separate free tool, Panda’s Cloud Cleaner.

Even, Panda free edition secure your computer better than professional virus removal tools. Although the Panda Security software is very good, but it also requires some improvements such as it affects the download speed of most of your applications.

So, these were some of the fighters or best free security software, which specializes in their work, and perhaps you should also be expert in the security of your system like them. Because no one knows when the bet is overturned, that is, when a hacker attacks your computer or mobile and you don’t even know. So, today we will have to finish our journey but if you have some tips or tricks to help us or our audience. Then you can definitely share from the comment section. Thank you friends and have a great day.

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