Best mind blowing Gadget in CES 2021, from rollable phone to flying car

At CES 2021, we have seen some repaying things, which can change the future. Such as flying electric cars, smartphones with rollable screens, home robots capable of cuisine, mind blowing gadgets and smart masks which we have previously discus. But will any of these innovations make its way to your home or driveway? Time will tell. But the annual Tech Show offered several bold concept ideas that caught our attention.

General Motor’s flying Car VTOL


It’s 2021 and we don’t have flying cars yet, but General Motors is still trying to make it. At CES, the automaker discontinued the Cadillac vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), hoping to one day power air-taxi service. The best electric vehicle is essentially a self-driving air drone with four propellers that can travel up to 55 miles per hour (88.5Km/h).

It will not require a driver to fly. Only one passenger can travel in it. It is a fully autonomous and electric vehicle. It has a 90 watt motor. It also has features such as biometric sensors, voice control, hand gesture recognition (hand gesture understanding). It will travel from roof to roof of the building at a speed of 88.5Kmph. Currently this is the concept model.

Razer’s Project Brooklyn, the gaming chair


The razor’s gaming chair concept also uses a rollable OLED panel; Its 60-inch panel surrounds the user’s head for 180-degree view. Razor will test the prototype, known as Project Brooklyn, with players and top influential players. There is no word on the price, but we expect it to cost a small fortune.

It is also being called the next level of gaming. The display screen present at the backbone of the chair, But as soon as you sit in the chair and press the button, the screen comes forward. Table is also available with Chair. The user can switch from console gaming to PC. It will get 16.8 million colors.

TCL scrollable or rollable phone

TCL is remodeling the tablet’s future with a rollable OLED display prototype that can roll up and unscrew like a paper scroll for easy portability. TCL rollable phone has a 6.7 inch display. Its specialty is that the phone screen will be converted to 7.8 inches with a single tap. The company also introduced a phone with a 17-inch OLED scrolling display. Apart from the role concept, the company has also introduced 5 upcoming models. At the moment there is no information about their launch.

LG transparent OLED TV


LG introduced Transparent OLED display. May be it can a best TV of the time that can also be used in public transport such as metro. Travelers will be able to see the other side of the route along with the weather and route information in it. The company also gave a demo of other such TVs. It is seen sitting in front of a 55-inch transparent LED display in the customer restaurant. A variety of information including sports were also shown on the display. There was also a 23.1-inch touch-display just below the display.

The Levie Mini


A joint venture between Lenovo and NEC. Lavie mini laptop has been introduced. The Lavie laptop can convertible and transform into a Nintendo Switch-like device when it flips to smart tablet mode. The owner can then attach an optional controller in it, to turning the product into a handheld console. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether it will ever become a product.

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