Cyber attack security, how to avoid cyber attack (tricks that protects you)

The Cyber Attack or cyber crime news is increasing continuously day by day. But as much as the level at which data is stolen, only 5 percent of it is known. Because the data of ordinary internet users seems to be a sentiment, even after this, they do not do it. In the year 2019, data theft stole information of a total of 8.5 billion profiles. About 1 million incidents of a cyber attack or cyber crime fall under the category of sensitivity.

During Cyber Crime (dangerous to do?)

You will notice that our browser refuses to download many files, Antivirus gives the signal, but even then we find some other way to download that file. Many mobile applications we download as APK are also not safe. You should also check the plugins to see if they are safe. You should avoid downloading third-party apps.

  • Unsafe or suspicious websites remain vulnerable. In such a situation, if your system or phone is hacked, then there is a lot of danger on the email or mobile number associated with you.
  • Update your windows or mobile system software only when necessary. Many times system hacking is also done through updates. With the help of an update problem/issue, hackers can easily hack your system and you will not even know. Therefore, please read it closely before updating your system.When malware or virus comes, you think it is necessary and you click on the link. Your system has been hacked into it. Do not click on any type of simple looking link.
  • It is better to search on Google or any search engine related to financial transaction websites, type the URL of the related site instead to search it, as the URLs of the cloned sites are also similar.
  • Downloading unauthorized files such as movies, books on social media, telegrams and many more, can also be dangerous. Before downloading anything, one must be vigilant about its source.

These acts are dangerous to do you should know, these can cause cyber attack, in our cyber city there are several dangerous viruses that can create great damage to your system and information: zeus gameover, cryptojacking, iloveyou, and various more virus present here.

Cyber ​​Attack security options

Do not use the unnecessary app at all. Password and mobile messages in banking, loan, fund transfer, etc, must be protected from fraud. Do not use your personal and bank data in public WiFi at all.

Make sure that your password is more than 8 characters at work, it must be a mix of upper and lower characters, add a number and a special character. Do not use the auto-fill option of the password at all. And also if Net Banking is done on only one computer or smartphone, this can cause cyber crime.

Cyber Attack or data leak cases (you should known)

More than 35% of the apps contain some viruses, according to antivirus manufacturer Symantec. The social media buying and selling market is more than $637 million. 5,603 billion Bitcoin, related crimes surfaced last year. About 4.1 billion documents leaked in 2019 of various governments, agencies, companies, institutions. Roughly 2 trillion dollars (115 lakh crore rupees) are stolen worldwide through Cyber Attack.

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