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Elation Hypercar 418Km/h top speed | Is the fastest car?


Elation HyperCar has launched the Allian Freedom model after five research. This power-driven hyper car is capable of running at a speed of 260 mph. Its price will start from 17 crores ($2.34 million)

Elation Hypercar

The Electric cars projects that the Elation Freedom has 1.8-second at zero to 60 time, also a top speed of 418 km/h (260 mph). A 643 KM (400-mile) range, meanwhile, will make it very competitive in the electric hypercar market.

The two-seat car sports a carbon-fiber chassis that weighs only 81 KGs. Its initial choice of three liquid-cooled electric motors enables the car to “produce more than a megawatt of electricity as standard – equivalent to an individual jet that is at 322 mph (518 km/h) at full throttle. “The driver directs all this power from an elegant, fighter-jet-inspired cockpit.”

Customers will be able to choose from a 100-kilowatt-hour (kWh) standard battery pack and also a 120-kWh upgrade that enables the car to reach the stated 643-mile range in Elation Hypercar.

Freedom is “hand-crafted in the US” as the first luxury electric car and was revealed in prototype form at the end of last year, with the first production example to be delivered to customers in 2022.

Which is the world’s fastest car?

The SSC Tuatara is now officially the world’s fastest production car with a top speed of 532.93 kmph. The hypercar, developed by the US-based SSC North America, saw an average speed of 508.73 kmph for two consecutive runs, which were conducted on patches of closed public roads.

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