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Best Free Fire Tips & Tricks 2022 | Now become Pro Player


Knowing some basic and best free fire tips and tricks on the road is an essential aspect to become a pro in the game. In addition to your gunfight in free fire, a solid strategy will keep you well ahead of the pack. Free Fire, with more than 500 million downloads on the Google Play store, has been one of the popular trends during the quarantine period, with players from around the world trying to increase their rank.

Best Free Fire tips and tricks 2022

  1. Never loot at starting
  2. How to get free diamond in free fire
  3. Do not unnecessarily Jump-Shoot
  4. How to get free character in free fire
  5. Try to Fight in shrink zone
  6. Improve your aim by sniping
  7. Try to Shoot from Right

1. Never loot at starting

Every free-fire player needs to be careful of looting in the open. It can be effortless for enemies to catch you off guard while you were busy in looting crates. Therefore, to avoid being an easy target, move the analogue sideways continuously during looting. Using this strategy, it would be impossible to aim head shots of your enemies at you.

2. How to get free character in free fire

You can participate in the Youtubers giveaway to win free DJ ALOK and free diamonds. Giveaway Free is the best way to get Free free character and diamonds in free fire.

3. How to get free diamond in free fire

Google Opinion Rewards is the best way to get free diamonds in Free Fire. It is a fairly popular option and is used by millions of players worldwide. Users can go to the play store page of the application from here. Gamer must complete short and simple survey at Opinion Rewards to collect Google Play Credits. Then players can use these credits to purchase in-game currency.

4. Do not unnecessarily Jump-Shoot

Many free-fire players often use jump-shoots. To be able to come out on top using a jump-shoot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It is important to note that this fancy move can completely mess you up. Therefore, before using it in the ranked mode, go into the custom room, and practice it until you get it perfect.

5. Try to Fight in shrink zone

More than 80% of Free Fire players scramble near the shrink zone or area, even if it is the starting one, and immediately disengage from the middle of the fight. We suggest you to quarrel when you have an advantage or once you step back. Prioritize only those areas in the end circles, which cause a lot of damage to the gaming players.

6. Improve your aim by sniping

To improve your aim is an important free fire tips and tricks for beginners specially in 2022. Another way to get better in a free fire is to learn it. A sniper is required to take the opponent away from the ground without getting into a close match, where the risk of losing a teammate is high. One-shot-one-gun guns are difficult to handle, and require a lot of practice to master. You should play in a solo mode, take a sniper with appropriate attachments, and start practicing every day.

7. Try to Shoot from Right

Up to the 7th is a very extreme free fire trick, which many of you hardly know. Well! Wherever you are deceiving your enemy behind a tree or something, so try to shoot from the right. Just the FreeFire creators have placed the player a little more on the left side, that’s why you get more advantage on the right and a good target in the work space.

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