March 8, 2021


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Hackers are creating fake apps to leak data | Know how to avoid it

The company has not yet launched the official app for Android users. Agora, a Shanghai-based company, supplies the clubhouse app as a back end infrastructure.

The audio conversion app Clubhouse is becoming increasingly popular. Due to this popularity, this app is now targeted by hackers. Dennis Legjo, a security expert at the cyber security firm Kaspersky, said that with the help of the code, hackers can allow new users to join the fake application platform.

Security concerns are also being raised because Agora, the real-time engagement software provider company in Shanghai, supplies the back-end infrastructure to the clubhouse app. The headquarters of the clubhouse are in Shanghai and Silicon Valley.

What are these fake app?

Dennis Legzo said that right now this app is only for iOS users, but its fake version has been prepared for Android users. The company has not yet launched an official app for Android users. The fake application can also steal your device’s location, recorded audio and video information along with phone data.

What are the safety prevention measures?

Clubhouse reported that it is making changes to encryption and pinging of its clients to Chinese servers. There are plans to legalize these changes and appoint a separate data security firm to review it. Launched in March 2020, this clubhouse app was well received worldwide. However, a few days ago there were reports of China banning it.


Process to use clubhouse app

After downloading the clubhouse, the user has to provide the name and mobile number. Changes can be made before the username is invited. Now you will get an SMS which will be an invite to your clubhouse. Now you can login on the app with the help of mobile number.

On the app, you can follow any club, person or particular topic. You can enter the room already created. You can hear what is going on there. You can follow friends or topics.

The clubhouse app does not store any audio conversion. It offers you a live audio chat-rooms. Also user will be able to join the app only when he has received an invitation from another user.

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