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How to Become Pro in Free Fire 2022 | Best Free Fire Tricks


Playing Garena Free Fire looks very easy, but actually it is more difficult to rank push in Free Fire. But you must also be thinking that how to become pro in free fire in just 20min, then for this you just have to keep regular update in Free Fire which will make you a best pro player.

There’s actually nothing, to become a Free Fire pro player, one needs to keep knocking one’s opponents till the last man remains. The game has gained popularity in the mobile gaming industry. And now it is the most downloaded game on the Play Store. Garena Free Fire has now moved to ESports. Many tournaments with significant pool prize are currently being held all over the world. In their journey to become pro Free Fire players, players spend hours and hours for prectice in Free Fire boot camps.

How to become Pro in Free Fire for Beginners

If you are new to Free Fire, then you will become an expert as you climb the stairs from the basics, but for this, you will have to prepare every step well daily.

If you are new, you can go with mobile emulators such as Bluestacks or Nox player, but for better gaming you should have a Perfect device that compatible with mobile gaming. Talking about to become Pro in Free Fire, many beginners don’t use their every Weapons. From guns to grenades, you must try your hands on everything. Try to find out which weapon combination suits your character and strategy.

Now Become Pro Player in Free Fire

Efficient Looting, Do not Force – In addition to the rush to kill the enemy, sometimes the players also become lustful to be able to secure the loot with the best weapons in Free Fire even though the weapon is actually not needed and not mastered. The next Free Fire push rank tip is that you have to reduce that appetite, focus more efficiently on looting, gather equipment as needed, and secure the weapons that you are good at. However, the best weapons are the weapons that you master the most.

Don’t Play Solo – Playing Solo in Free Fire makes your victory sometimes dictated by luck. Your enemy can kill you from various sides if you fight in the wrong place. Therefore, play Duo or Squad in order to reduce losing / winning because of hockey only. Also make sure you play Duo or Squad with friends who are used to playing together. Why? Surely those who are used to playing together will understand more about how to play with you and also the preferences of the weapons you use.

Practice in different modes – Practice using different modes of free fire, so that you do not let any of your enemy’s methods succeed, like: stealthy sniper or sassy shotgunner. Be prepared on each of the strategies of the front also become the master of any one of your strategies.

Participate in Scrims and local Tournaments – Here, you will start to make a name for yourself in the competitive scene. If you do not highlight your skills in the local circuit, you will have less chance to become pro in Free fire. Understanding where your comfort zones lie is an essential step in moving forward with a set roster. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can shuffle between roles and even try to appoint a captain to call out in certain situations.

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Pro Tip…

Don’t Give Up – This might sound like patronizing or a motivational words, but its undeniable that we sometimes mistakenly focus too much on thinking about rank numbers. In reality to become Pro player in Free Fire is not just about being the best in Free Fire, you get a newfound happiness and respect for which you work hard…

Remember, focusing on the process, the Free Fire push rank towards Heroic is like a marathon; make sure your spirit can remain consistent until you finally reach to the Heroic position. Do not let you lose once you immediately give up and move on to another title!

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So this was the complete list for you to become a Pro Player and this list will go on and on, so do not forget to save this post if you want to become a Pro Player in Garena Free Fire. Also you can follow us on YouTube for more. Thanks till then.

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