April 12, 2021


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Run two WhatsApp accounts on a same device with this simple trick

Hi friends! If you are also confused with problem such as “How to run two WhatsApp with same number” so you are at correct place, here we will find some tricks to how you can run two WhatsApp accounts with a same number. WhatsApp is currently being used for both personal and business purposes. In such a situation, many people have to keep two phones when they have different accounts. Most users want the facility to run two accounts in the same phone. However, no dedicated feature is available for this in WhatsApp, but there is definitely a setting in the phone, which most users do not know about. Today we are telling you about this setting, so that two accounts can be run in the same phone.

What’s that special feature

At this time, most of the smartphones have the feature of Parallel App. This feature is found in different company phones under different names. The special thing is that any app can be cloned with this feature. This makes an exact clone of an app present in the phone, in which you can run two AhatsApp account with same number and mobile.

Which company will get this feature in the phone under which name?

  • Samsung Smartphone: Dual Messenger
  • Xiaomi Smartphone: Dual Apps
  • Reality Smartphone: Clone Apps
  • OnePlus Smartphone: Parallel Apps
  • Oppo Smartphone: Clone Apps
  • Vivo Smartphone: App Clone
  • Asus Smartphone: Twin Apps

If you have smartphones from these companies, then you will be able to run two WhatsApp accounts in one device. But how? Let’s know …


Follow these steps to run 2 WhatsApp accounts…

  • Go to the Settings section of your phone.
  • If we have a Samsung phone, then we will search by typing Dual Messenger in the search bar of the settings.
  • Now the option of ‘Dual Messenger’ will appear, tap on it. Now your device will show a list of apps that can be cloned.
  • Tap on the WhatsApp icon in this list. Now there will be an option to install a second copy of WhatsApp. It will get a clone of WhatsApp on confirmation. Now you can login with another number by opening duplicate WhatsApp.

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