How to use Google Classroom for Students | Full setup

In today’s digital age every students and teacher are using Google Classroom, but when everything is going well then a problem comes. Some similar problems also getting during our online classes. That’s why today we have brought for you complete guide to use Google Classroom for Students and Teacher both, so let’s know what is Google Classroom and how to use it.

What is Google Classroom for Students

Google Classroom is a suite of online tools that allow Students to get assignments, marks’ submitted work, and return graded papers from Teachers or school. It was created, effectively, to get rid of paper in classrooms and make digital learning possible. Howe ver, reciently a rumor getting to have heard that the Google Meet is getting paid. “But then only studies are more inportant”.

How to use Google classroom.

  • Download the Classroom app from Play Store
  • Click on (+) Button from top to create your first Class.
  • Insert basic details about your class
  • Once you set-up, students and other one started joining it.
  • Customize Google classroom in brief

10 Different Smart Ways To Use Google Classroom

  • When an assignment, lesson, or unit doesn’t work, add your own comments—or ask students to add their own feedback), then tag it or save it in a different folder for revision.
  • You can align curriculum with other teachers.
  • Can Share data with your professional learning community.
  • You can keep samples of exemplar writing for planning.
  • You can see what your assignments look like from the students’ point-of-view.
  • You can communicate assignment criteria with students.
  • Every students create their own digital portfolios of their favorite work.
  • You can control files right (view, edit, copy, download) on a file-by-file basis.
  • You can create test with grading using google forms.

How to setup Google Classroom in your mobile full details

How to set up Google Classroom is a commonly asked question that you’re about to answer right here. You may have heard that Google Classroom is easy to use and you may have felt that any advice reflected badly on you. do not feel bad! As every teacher knows, knowledge is power, and you want every tool in your box to be thorough in your quest to educate.

Before we move on, what is Google Classroom? Check out our guide on the essentials of explaining. Spoiler alert, it is an online space that allows teachers and students to share documents and communicate. But since you’re here, you probably already know this. So let’s move on.

Google Classroom is a lot of things but what it is not is a Learning Management System (LMS). So don’t think you can give up on Blackboard’s choice just yet. However, Classroom works with class-based learning to help make paperless assignments and resources the future.

You can be a teacher who wants to set up a classroom, a student who is interested in doing stage work, or a parent who wants to learn more. Whichever approach you’re coming from, this guide will help you.

Google Classroom setup: Create a class

If you don’t already have an Gmail account, the first step you need to create a Google Account. Go to Google and sign up for free. This will give you a Gmail address, access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. But, importantly, it will give you access to Google Classroom.

When you’re on the Google main search page, you’ll see that your account is signed in. In the top right. Next to that is a menu that looks like nine square dots. Select it and you will be shown all the online apps Google has to offer. Scroll down and you will see Google Classroom. Select it.

That’s it, you’re in. Now you can create a class, join if you are a teacher, or join if you are a student. This is where the guide will be more useful for teachers than here as it is about the classroom setting.

There will be a “+” icon in the top right. Select it and then select “Create Class” from the drop-down option.

How to create a class in Google Classroom

Once you select “Create Classroom”, you will be prompted to Google “Using Classroom with a school/university with students?” You will receive a message titled. Assuming that your institution has signed up for G Suite for Education, this will allow you to connect your classroom to the school or university network for benefits such as classroom sharing and easy access to student contacts. Agree and move on when you’re set.

You can enter some basic class details, including “Class Name,” “Subject,” and “Room numbers”. You can also add a “section” if you are in group classes, so there is no need to at this stage. In fact, initially only the class name is required. Then select “Create”.

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