April 12, 2021


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Introducing Apple iGlass! You should have these iGlass in the future

When we first heard the term ” Apple iGlass or Smart Glass “, you might have thought of E.D.I.T.H Glass of Iron Man, off course it should be. However, smart contact lens has also come now. According to John Prosser (a trusted leaker), Apple AR Glasses would be called Apple Glass and would be able to display information on both lenses, with a user controlling them both through gestures and in front of the frame.

The Apple AR Glass is also a futuristic gadget like the Paigani Amuru and LG rollable phones that we talked about earlier. The AR Glass will have many features and uniqueness so, it may be in high demand when it launches in the market.

How much Apple Glass price?

Apple Glass would rather rely on a companion iPhone for processing, so it will have significantly less parts and complexity than Hololens and can be known by the name iGlasses. It will work more like the Vuzix Blade smart glasses, with a built-in camera and Alexa integration. Nevertheless, the Vuzix Blade starts at $799. Apple’s entry point is much more accessible, it costs a bit more.

The specs are said to come in several variants and Apple Smart iGlass price can be around $499 with the additional cost of prescription lenses if you need to. Now this may seem small, especially compared to augmented reality headsets like Microsoft Holoens 2 the Microsoft smart glass.

Apple Smart Glass release date

According to a report, Apple Glass is coming as early as 2023. An Apple VR headset positioned to compete with the Oculus Rift 2 is nearing launch. All can go wrong – John Proser, an iconic Apple leaker, says that Apple specs came sooner than we thought. The processor believes the launch is aimed at “March-June 2021.”

Apple iGlass Features: What They can Do

It can bring information, details, pictures from phone towards your eyes. All processing will apparently be handled by a connected iPhone, and Apple Glass is not supposed to be a traditional camera, but a point comes, it have a LiDAR scanner to power AR experiences.

In particular, “the user is expected to synchronize with the wearer’s iPhone” to display a number of interesting things such as text, email, maps, games, and visualized graphics in the field of vision.”


Other details from the source include that there will apparently not be a sunglass version, as the display does not work with tinted lenses, that observers will not be able to tell if the lens is displaying anything, and that the frame – in at least one prototype – made of plastic.

An Apple Glass patent states that it allows you to see the parts of the world you want to see, similar to Google’s Street View. The difference is that the scene will be projected directly onto the Apple Glass lens. And you can digitally teleport to different places. The company’s Apple Maps app has a similar feature now called Look Around, but it will be much more immersive on Apple Glass.

Apple AR Glasses spec!

However, there is no known spec of Apple glass yet, But we can guess for you based on what we know about current technology. Anyway, if Apple’s goal is to create a true augmented reality solution – as opposed to a head-up display, like Google Glass shows 2D floating notifications or maps – it’s reasonable to expect Apple Glass to offer a dedicated Wi- Connect to iPhone directly over Fi. Connection.

If the iPhone has to process all the video captured by the glasses cameras and send the 3D imagery to the glasses at a very high frame-per-second rate (a bare minimum of 60Hz, optimal with 120Hz refresh), for Will require much more bandwidth than what Bluetooth can provide.

For battery life, we can expect at least three hours if Apple wants to be competitive, though we can assume that people will be more forgiving about this – especially if Apple offers some type of wireless charging glass case Who can extend their operative time through the day like Apple AirPods.

We will keep updating this page as Apple AR Glass rumors and leaks emerge, but be sure to bookmark and come back.

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