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KIA EV6 – All new Electric Car features you 500+ Range a single charge.


This is a brand new beautiful and very innovative Electric car from KIA, even it’s name’s first letter “E” starts from Emotions, it will give you everything you are looking for. Well here, we will go in depth with KIA EV6 and this gives you Luxury, Sporty and Futuristic look in a single varient.

So, lets begin the way an know everything about KIA EV6…

KIA EV6 Details

General details

Models1. EV6 GT line
2. EV6 GT line AWD
Color Options5 Color options
Acceleration5.2 second
Top Speed192 Km/H

Battery Details

Battery capacity77.4 kwh
Range500 Km/charge
Fast Charging80% in 20 minute
Power227 bhp
Torgue350 Nm

Key Features

Body TypeSUV
AirBags8 AirBags
Boot Space490 leters
Driving modes3 Modes
Monitor Screen12.3 inch
No. of Seats5 Seats

KIA EV6 Design

Firstly, its front design which gives a new and unseen look, is not a design that was found in other KIA vehicles. Apart from this, I will rate KIA EV6 is a Best Eelectric Car among its luxury design and look. It has LED headlight and their specialty is that it won’t cut the light of the vehicle coming from the front. It is not as big as SUV cars but almost look like a SUV car with a larget SunRoof. Coming to Door Handles which is very innovative and such Door Handles are available only in premium vehicles.

The Tail lights of the KIA EV6 are also very luxuryous, which starts from one corner and ends at the other corner and its light is so Powerful that you can see it from a long distance too. And under the rear headlight, you get the option of charging. Well, we will discuss the Charging options also at the end so, be with us.

In profile the EV6 is smooth and flowing, and at the top, the roofline blends into a spoiler that channels air above and below its surface while sprouting mini wings on each side, all aiding aero efficiency. Also in the interest of aero efficiency, the 19-inch alloy wheels have a lot of surface area closed off, giving you only a peak at the disc brakes and calipers behind. Overall, the EV6 has a 0.28 coefficient of drag which is lower than the i-Pace’s 0.29.

KIA EV6 Interior and Tech Features

Unlike the exterior, with the interior styling and layout, Kia has taken a more familiar route. The EV6’s insides aren’t like the other born-electric EVs, say the Tesla’s, or even its sibling, the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Instead of a radical layout, however, you get a very practical interior with a good dose of innovation, especially with regards to storage spaces, which are much larger and in places you wouldn’t expect. For example, a huge cubby below a floating centre console that easily holds a large handbag. The storage below the centre armrest is also quite deep and the glove box is large, all thanks to a flat floor and the HVAC system being moved further front – due to the absence of an engine.

At 4,695mm in length and 1,890mm in width, the EV6 is large; incidentally, the dimensions are identical to the XUV700. Its 2,900mm wheelbase is also larger than the Mahindra’s 2,750mm, thus expectedly, space inside is ample. At the rear, sitting three abreast is comfortable and the centre passenger won’t have a floor tunnel to contend with. Legroom is also very good even with the front seats adjusted for taller occupants.

The seating position, however, isn’t as comfortable as the dimensions would indicate. With the battery pack below, the floor is quite high and in combination with the low roof you are sat in a knees-up position to have enough headroom. You also can’t really extend your feet forward as there isn’t enough room below the front seats.

Seating at the front, though, is just fine. There’s ample space to stretch your legs out and my favourite bit about the car is the neat party trick that both front seats have. At the touch of a button, the seat back reclines massively, while the base tilts upward moving you into a zero-gravity position, which is really nice and comfy. Waiting chauffeurs or parents waiting to pick up their children from school will approve.

So, hope this enought for this Electric Vehicle, till then Subscribe for Daily Tech Updates…!

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