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Biden says “Will you shut up man?” to Donald Trump

As you all know the presidential debate in the US took place in Cleveland on Wednesday. This lasted for about 90 minutes. Democratic candidates Joe Biden and President Donald Trump fiercely accused each other. Trump is the Republican Party candidate. Trump was not letting Biden speak. According to CBS News, Trump interrupted Biden 73 times.

Biden says "Will you shut up man?" to Donald Trump

Eventually, Biden had to say – “Will you shut up man? The truth is that everything that Trump has said so far is a lie.” At this, Trump said, “lie they are.” The next debate will take place in Miami on October 15.

In this, Democratic Party candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump lashed out at each other. During this time, particularly the case of Biden’s son Hunter, racism, climate compromise and the appointment of a Supreme Court judge.

However, political analysts believed that Biden would take a sharp aim at Trump’s tax evasion case. Biden raised this issue, but not as strongly as he expected. Biden said, “President Trump is a liar and a prankster. He lied to Americans on Corona. He has no plans to deal with the epidemic. He did not show seriousness on social media and masks.

In response, Trump said, “Biden can’t do a better than me. He is a liar. Biden says he went to Delaware, but he forgot the name of his college. That means he didn’t go to Donavier. He ranked lowest in class.” But he didn’t do any sensible work in 47 years.” The debate was moderated by Fox News’ famous anchor Chris Wallas.

Credit: Dainik Bhaskar

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