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LG Rollable Laptop with Smart features, 17-inch rollable display

LG seems to have a rollable laptop in the works that can be as large as a 17-inch display size. Although the South Korean company has not made an official announcement, a patent application for the rollable laptop appeared online. The laptop also has a foldable keyboard and touchpad to bring enhanced portability. LG is one of the major manufacturers that has been developing rollable displays for some time. However, companies including Oppo is also trying their luck to make the next generation Oppo X 2021 phone.

As reported by Root My Galaxy, LG’s patent for a rollable laptop has a display that can be unroll between 13.3- and 17-inch sizes. It appears as a sound bar when unrolled. In addition, the rollable laptop has a power button on its sides, unlike any regular laptop which lifts the power button alongside the keyboard.

The rollable laptop also hides the webcam when it is rolled up and comes with a tick display drum that can stand on its own – without the need to support a kickstand or attached keyboard. LG also offers a keyboard and touch pad on a rollable laptop that can fold in half. Nevertheless, to make users comfortable, the given input hardware is seen as a standard size.

LG has not been confirmed about the rollable laptop. It is very possible that a patent may relate only to a concept and not to for a commercial product. That said, LG showcased its capabilities by manufacturing an 18-inch rollable OLED display at CES Event. The company also unveiled its 65-inch UHD OLED display in January. That development helped bring a rollable OLED TV last year.

LG is also rumored to be developing its LG Slide rollable smartphone which may arrive sometime next year. The rollable smartphone is said to be with the codeine “Project B”, although it can be called the LG Roleable. Earlier this week, Oppo introduced the Oppo X2021 concept phone with a rollable OLED display.

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