March 8, 2021


The Technical World


Malware on Google, Firefox or other browsers, 3000 devices attacked daily

Microsoft has issued an alert for users using the browser. The company has said that users using Google Chrome, Firefox or other web browsers should be careful, because malware has come in these web browsers. The danger has increased with its arrival.

Microsoft has tracked around 159 unique domains this year, hosting an average of 17300 unique URLs. He said that the malware named Adrozek came in May this year. By August, it has attacked the deli on more than 30,000 devices.

The purpose of the new malware campaign is to lead users to search results by serving malware ads on search results. However, to start this, malware silently adds bad browser extensions and changes browser settings to place advertisements in webpages.


This is how the download takes place

Adjuster malware is quite different from others. It is installed by drive-by download in the device. Which contains the installer file name setup_.exe. When running this file, the installer leaves a .exe file with a setup file name in the temporary folder. This payload seems like a valid audio-related software.

The Microsoft team specifically noted this on Google Chrome. It usually modifies the default “Chrome Media Router” extension. Likewise, on Microsoft Edge and Yandesk browsers it uses the valid extension IDs.

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