March 8, 2021


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Mi Wireless Air charger, Xiaomi took a bold step towards technology

Hi friends! You might be wondering what this air charger is. Xiaomi introduced its new wireless charging technology ‘Mi Air Charge’ on Friday. Its specialty is that the user will not need any cable, pad or wireless charging stand to charge the device.

The company claims that with the help of Air charging technology, the device can be charged from several meters away, even if there are many obstacles in between. At present, the company has not given any explanation on its launch. Although making an air charger is not an easy task, you must have heard and seen it many times. Many air companies have been making this charger for quite some time, but have not been successful.

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What is an Air Charger?

We can also call it electromagnetic charger. The charger generates an electromagnetic current in the device’s coil, which transfers to the battery of your device to power up. The device can be a Smartphone, Watch or other Qi-enabled devices.

Mi Air Charger Features

For Mi Air Charging technology, Xiaomi has made a charging pile which has around 144 antennae. This antenna transmits millimeter-wide wave. This wave goes to the smartphone, which has to be charged through beamforming. The charging pile will use five different antenna to determine the location of the smartphone.

Air Charger Launch date

The company has currently introduced this technology as a concept. Xiaomi gave information through social media account, this year it will not be given in any product. At the moment it is also not confirmed whether the company has applied for any regulatory approval for the new wireless charging technology.

For this, Xiaomi is using its trademark technology infrastructure in Air charger, so the smartphone will need a built-in beacon antenna and receiving antenna to charge the technology. The beacon antenna transmits the location of the phone. The receiving antenna converts the millimeter wave from the charging pile into electric energy.

Air Charging specification


Initially the Air charging technology supports 5W remote charge for charging a single device over a range of several meters. However, the Xiaomi claims that it will also add multi-device support, so that more than one device will get 5watt charge support. The company has currently showcased new Air charging technology for smartphones, although in future it will also be added to other wearable and smart home products including smartwatches, bracelets, speakers, desk lamps and more.

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