Pagani Amaru Hyperbike: Futuristic concept hyperbike

Hi friends! As you have seen, it is best bike design that exactly look like a futuristic bike. Indian designer Vishrut Kumar is behind this Pagani Amaru hyperbike sketch. The motorcycle is named after a mythical water dragon found in Andean mythology. In addition, the bodywork was designed like a serpent’s head showing a dual headlight similar to the elusive reptile’s eye pair.

The Pagani Amaru hyperbike description


The conceptual Pagani ‘Amaru’ hyperbike is envisaged with a liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder AMG engine to enhance power and performance, while the body is crafted from a carb-titanium alloy. This enables it to maintain a high power-to-weight ratio so that it zips rapidly through the city streets like the aforementioned mythical creature through water.

To begin with, the founder of the brand, Horacio Pagani, worked for Lamborghini’s composites department in the 80s. In other words, Horacio helped develop a car that every teenager most likely had – the Lamborghini Countac. The two hypercars launched, Zonda and Huayra were inspired by fighter jets, which provided a kind of aerodynamic package and used carbo-titanium alloys for bodywork, especially Huayra.


Later, the roadster version of Huayra was built using Carbon Tricks which is a combination of three-axis fiberglass with carbon fiber. This feature was used by Pagani to reduce the weight of the Hypercar. In addition, Pagani is known as his cars, the god of Andean mythology, Huayra, the god of the wind.

But, let us come back to this motorcycle design rendering made by Vishrut Kumar. Pagani Amaru also uses an Andean mythological name that represents a mythical water dragon. Originally, the entire bodywork on the hyperbike follows the lines of a snake, especially with dual headlights that resemble a pair of reptile eyes. The motorcycle looks like a snake-head coming out of the water.

It has a single seat, while the design lines flow as if they come in an integrated form from the cowl to the fuel tank and finish with a taillight section. Like the Huawei Hypercar, the bodywork is made of carbo-titanium alloy components. Pagani Amaru features a futuristic design for future space that provides ample space for handlebars.

In addition, the Pagani resembles the unique car design, in addition to the twin headlights, which were designed to look like rocket-exhaust systems such as Zonda or Huayra fitted on hypercars, but triangular instead of hyperbikes with taillights. The unit of size is four rectangular exhaust pipes that we see fit over hypercars.

Under the fairies, Pagani Amaru is equipped with a liquid-cooled in-line 4-cylinder AMG powerful engine bike. It follows the features that Pagani uses for its hypercar, namely a specially designed Mercedes-AMG V12 engine, packing two turbochargers that power the engine in terms of the latest version at 720 hp and 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft) helps deliver torque. Pagani Huayra. There is no description of the figures of Pagani Amaru Shakti.

Suspension wise, for the front end, the Pagani Amaru has a two-sided swingarm and two shocks, a technical center hub system similar to the steering system we see fitted on Bimota motorcycles. The rear also has a two-sided swingarm and a monoshock. Of course, each component is made of a carbo-titanium alloy. In addition, there is an interesting detail about the braking system that features radial calipers made of magnesium.

Pagani Amaru Hyperbike Design Rendering looks awesome and we would like to see this motorcycle as a production model, but most likely, it is just a motorcycle design sketch that shows us how far Vishrut Kumar has grown beyond the limits of the motorcycle Can.

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