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PubG New State | PubG New State review and how to download?


Krafton has launched the new version of PubG Mobile “PubG: New State” on Android and iOS platform. The New Game has launched in more than 200 countries including India, and brings in improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics and based on 2051 futuristic story. So, lets quickly check out PubG New State Review and how to download on android and iOS both.

PubG: New State Review

First of all, the Maps of the new version of PubG has arrived, which is named TROI (the fictional function city), which is a brand-new map of 2051 specifically and made only for PUBG: New State. If you notice, then the old season scheme is going on again, in which we have to buy the clothes of the characters ourselves, but after buying, if you see the dresses and look, then really they’re unique. One more feature has been added in PUBG new state which by changing the server of South-East Asia to wherever you want to play.

I personally liked the many mechanics changes that made the gameplay more realistic and closer to PC/console gaming. One of the changes is that aiming assist is disabled when shooting in smoke. There’s also a peak setting for guns, which comes in handy when you’re hiding and shooting. In addition, the Peak mode for shooting offers much less recoil and allows for better spray, however, accuracy is questionable.

Interestingly, some of Troi’s buildings are fitted with bulletproof glass which can help provide cover for those in search of supplies and better ammunition.

PubG New State: How to download

You can also visit this given link to download or you can simply download by going to Google Play Store. People are facing a lot of troubles to download, many people are coming Unable to connect to server because so many people are trying to download, so the server crash was dying. The pre-registration had already started 2 months ago, so there was more excitement among the people. But as soon as you click on the Open / Play button after installation, PubG New State will be started and you will see the title image first.


Visually there are considerable improvements compared to BGMI, however, the game is still far from reaching PC/console quality. Even in comparison to other mobile battle royale games, PUBG: New State is rivaled only by Call of Duty: Mobile.

The details and textures are very realistic and provide a good gameplay experience. However, there are some points that you might find strange and rough like the ground.

Recruit system and Revival

The new recruit system is a cool feature that allows players to invite a dropped enemy to join their team when space is available. This feature can also come in handy when your team is down on a player and you need help pushing an enemy.

In addition, there is a new revival system that will allow players with the Green Flare Gun to restore the downed player.

An option is also to revive teammates from the grave with the Green Flare Gun. This was previously only possible in payload mode using a teammate’s ID card.

One thing I wish Krafton would change is the availability of the Green Flare Gun, which is readily available in drone stores for a low price …

While the game will have a steep learning curve for the players, considering that it introduces new features like electric vehicles, drone stores, and more. The revival and new recruit system also make it a lot of fun to play.

I found this game fun and enjoyable to play. The bugs scared me a bit, but the futuristic experience is something that pulled me back. I myself will be playing the game for a while and would recommend that you give it a spin as well.

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