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July 26, 2021


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Razer Anzu Smart Glass: get full review (only for $200)

Hi friends! Welcome to our new post. If you are hearing the term “Razer Anzu Smart Glass” for the first time, then you might have come across a scene from a Marvel movie. But this is the scene of our present world.

American tech company Razer has launched new smart glasses (Goggles). These goggles have advanced features like built-in speaker, tuck console and blue light filter. The company named it Razer Anzu Smart Glass. The glasses has been launched in two different designs of round and rectangular but, you will be able to buy them only in black color option. Definitely you may have been interested to know about it even more, but don’t worry, we will know the Razer smart glass price, features, and some great information about this.

Razer Anzu Smart Glass Price

Currently these glasses have been launched only for the American market and Razer Smart Glass will be priced at $ 199.99 (about 14,600 rupees). You will be able to buy them from the company’s official website in the US. Nothing has been said about its launching in India or other countries. You will be able to buy Smart Glasses in a different small, medium and large size.

Razer Smart Glass launch date

Although these Razer Anzu smart glasses have been launched in the US, it will not take much time to launch in other countries, but still it may take some 3 to 5 months. The mart Glasses competes with the likes of Bose Frames Audio Smart Glass which were launched in India in October 2020.
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Razer Anzu Smart Glass features

As we told you that you can listen to music or songs with it. So, you will get Built-in speakers in this smart goggle and these speakers come with 16mm drivers. You will be able to connect the glass with the help of Bluetooth. After which, we will be able to hang up on this call or enjoy music. Song will also be able to play / pause with the our Goggle. Along with this, the song track will also be able to change.

It has advanced eye protection. The company says that its pair filters the blue light by up to 35%. Its lenses also protect with Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB).

Goggle also controls the voice assistant after connecting it to your smartphone. The company has built in rechargeable battery in it. According to the company, it gives a backup of 5 hours on a single charge. The glass is powered off as soon as it is folded. It is also rated IPX4 Water Resistance. That is, it is safe from sweat and drops. It also has a microphone for calling.


Smart Glass specification

The Razer Smart Glass have an ad 60ms low latency audio via Bluetooth connection. There are touch controls on the temples that allow you to change tracks, play or pause media, manage calls and activate voice assistant. The specs claim a battery life of five hours once charged and they automatically shut off when folded. The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses come with IPX4 water resistance which protects them from splash and sweat.

There are status indicators in the interiors of temples with omnidirectional microphones. In terms of dimensions, the small / medium rectangle glasses have lens width 51.8 mm, bridge width 18.5 mm, temple length 140 mm and lens height 38 mm. The smaller size of the rectangle glasses is 43 grams and the larger size weighs slightly more than 46 grams.

The rounder Razer Anzu Smart Glasses also have a small / medium and large size, where the lens has a small / medium measurement of 49.2 mm in width, 21.5 mm in bridge width and 46 mm in lens height. The small size of the round weighs 44 grams and the larger size weighs 48 grams.

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