March 8, 2021


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Smart Contact Lens: now take yourself to next level technology

Hi friends! As you all have seen from image what we are going to discuss. So, we are just briefly talking about Smart contact lenses along with price, features, and release date. But, do you know how this small transparent smart lens work inside our eyes? Even also it isn’t smart glass technology that have space to store, and battery to perform but, still it is not a Rocket science that’s impossible.

Capable of wireless data transfer

Our researchers from the from various countries such as United States, Britain and China have created a unique smart contact lens technology and its specialty is that after applying it, you will be able to monitor diabetes and heart diseases. These lenses can check your blood sugar level in the body with the help of tears of your eyes, that’s Impressive we couldn’t think about it, how its possible but, thank a lot to science.

Prof. Yunlong Zhao, a member of the team that makes the lens, says that this lens helps to keep oneself healthy by increasing eye’s light. The smart contact lens checks the level of blood sugar present in the tears. After checking, the data is wirelessly transferred to the computer.

From here it can be seen that how much is the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Professor Shiki Guo of Howard University, who is involved in this research, says that the lens we have prepared is much thinner than other smart lenses. We have installed a sensor and circuit between the lenses. Fluid present in the eye comes in contact with these sensors and gives us new information.
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Eye smart contact lens features

Some sensors and microchips have been installed in this lens, which recognize the movement of the eyelids and do their work accordingly. Even this lens will provide zoom in and zoom out facility. According to the researcher, if you want to see something by zooming, then for this you have to blink just once.

It also has some Unexpected features that take you to the next level, such as this smart lens fitted with a smart night vision camera that will act like a robotic eye and help you see in the dark. Now there is no need to buy a separate night vision either, and active.

The special thing is that despite a lot of things in the lens, it makes you feel comfortable. Here, California startup Mojo Vision of USA has announced that it will launch a prototype of its smart contact lens in the market by the end of the year. Information about this lens was released at CES 2020. This lens also tells the time, weather forecast and calendar.

This helpful smart lens will work as a robotic eye in addition to being useful for weak eyes. According to the researchers, there will be no need for a smartphone or any separate device for use in it, because it has a built-in display.


How much do smart contacts lens cost?

Off course! As it has so many features, so may be the eye smart lens’s price will also be very shocking. However, the cost is yet to be determined, but as we expected. As the price range of Focals ByNorth is $600. Even Apple is also making its Apple iGlass so, it should price around $700.

When will the smart lens release?

And at the same time, even if it is ready, it may not come so soon in the market, because it has recordings, and some other features, due to which it will not land in the market. But, it may be used for a special purpose, or used by NASA, scientists or military.

So finally it is over, I do not like to say goodbye to you. But you stay with us. If you have any suggestion or option or you want to share some informative thing, then you can do it in the comment section.

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