April 12, 2021


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Best Smart Masks | Can these face masks protect you

You must have heard about smartwatches and SmartRing, even we have also known about smart glasses in the last season. But have you ever heard of smart masks? Probably not. That’s why we are take for you some mind blowing world’s top 3 best smart masks. On hearing the word smart mask, you must have got some dangerous thoughts in your mind, related to some entertainment films, off course should come, because it is some antique. So let’s know about the top best smart masks.

The world’s largest electronics show ‘CES 2021’ is over. Many innovative and useful products were launched in this event from 11 to 14 January. The companies also focused on products to protect the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, many varieties of masks and also Household cleaning and sanitizing products were also seen. But here We are showing you the world’s top 3 best Smart masks.

1. Razer Smart Mask


American consumer electronics company Razer has introduced a smart mask concept at the CES 2021, But now it is not just a concept, it has become a reality now just like the Razer Anzu Smart Glass. It is named Project Hazel. The N95-class face mask, Project Hazel, is designed with active ventilation and an auto sterilization function. Razer smart mask will have a low-light mode, which includes internal illumination that can automatically turns on when it is dark. The mask features a transparent design that will let others see your face as when you speak up. The Razer Smart mask also has a low-light mode, inbuilt mic and amplifier.

Razer says that Project Hazel is a prototype of the “most intelligent mask ever created.” It focuses on five major areas – social, sustainable, safe, comfortable, and personification. The smart mask comes with a wireless charging case, lined with a UV light interior, which will kill bacteria and viruses as the mask charges. It also glows from red to green color light to indicate battery level.

2. LG PuriCare Mask


The company introduced this mask in September. Now it has been launched. There will be sensors in partable air purifiers. LG Puri-Care smart mask has H13 HEPA filters and two fans. This electric mask significantly reduces air leakage. The user will not have trouble even after wearing it for hours. The mask has an 820mAh battery. It lasts 8 hours on low mode and 2 hours in high mode. UV-LED will be found in the mask. Who is able to eliminate the Germs. LG PuriCare Mask price is around Rs 11,000 ($ 150)

The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier uses two H13 HEPA filters to purify the air. The face mask also uses built-in dual fans with three speed levels that automatically move to aid air intake and slow down to reduce resistance when exhaling. LG has also provided a respiratory sensor which it claims can detect the wearer’s breath cycle and volume and adjust the available fans.

3. Airpop Active Plus


Our top 3rd top beat smart mask is here, which known as “AirPop Active+”. As we know safety has been taken care of in this fashionable mask. AirPop Active+ smart mask has a sensor installed. It tracks your breath, pollution level, air quality. The mask connects to the phone’s Bluetooth. Sends the details of all these things to your phone. The company says that it helps athletes breathe. AirPop Active+ smart mask’s sale will start from February. The price of the uncensored mask will be around Rs 4000 ($ 54) and the sensor mask will be around Rs 14500 ($ 198).

We will keep updating this page as Apple AR Glass rumors and leaks emerge, but be sure to bookmark and come back.

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