March 8, 2021


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Snoppa Atom 2 The three axis smartphone gimbal. You should not miss it

The “Snoppa Atom 2” three-axis smartphone Gimbal has been positioned as the world’s first auto-folding handheld photography solution, which will give users a way to easily capture their leisure moments. The Gimbal is built by Snoppa Technology and features a compact, travel-friendly build that will add existing technology as well as additional technology products.

Snoppa Atom 2 gimbal features

The gimbal weighs just 280 grams and is combined with the hybrid setup of the motor to run smoothly with the user. The ‘ATOM2’ three-axis smartphone gimbal is suitable for handheld use or for deploying on a flat surface, so that it is perfect for visual or filming in a similar way. The auto-folding functionality will have it ready for use in just seconds.


The ATOM2 takes things to a higher level, as it comes with an auto-foldable mechanism to maintain a 3-axis gimbal function for a simple hybrid 3-axis structural design. Compared to selfie-stick style gimbals with 1 or 2 axes, a 3-axis gimbal can eliminate jerks, bends and jerks on all 3 axes of the pan and balance the phone camera in real time, resulting in The result is smooth and stable video.


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