7 Unknown things to know about New Tesla CyberTruck 

The Tesla Cybertruck is inspired by the 1980's Lotus Esprit, a famous James Bond vehicle

Inspired from

CyberTruck is made from the Stainless Steel which used to made SpaceX's Rockets...!

Exo-Skeleton Body

Its speed is as fast as a Lamborghini and as much power as a heavy loded Truck.


The simple and plain Cybertruck dashboard looks like Marble but in reality it is made of Paper Particles.


CyberTruck body is made Bulletproof, which is much more special than the other bulletproof trucks. 

Bulletproof Body

This Tesla car is Amazing


350Km/h top Speed***

This powerful CyberTruck could become a Boat too just need to click on a button...

Boat Mode

CyberTruck doesn't have any Side Mirror, this has more than 8 Cameras as mirror...!

No Side Mirror

There's some more Facts you should know...



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