Citroen C3 launching in 2022 with mind-blowing Features


The Cetroen C3 is the most affordable SUV Car in India. Also has many innovations and luxury look.  But the C3 is not having color options and ...


In terms of engine, we have a 1.2-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine, and it is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.


There is also a naturally aspirated variant of this engine, which has less power. However, even with this 110 horsepower variant, there is currently no automatic option.


The C3 delivers smooth performance up to triple digit speeds and is unexpectedly swift in a straigh line.


Naturally, the somewhat less expensive C3 lacks the same level of plushness, but for a hatchback, it's a completely different story.


When traveling on bad roads you will not hear the suspension working on this vehicle until you hit the worst potholes which is quite unlikely.


Compared to the typical B segment hatchback, the C3 is larger inside and out, measuring around 3.9 meters in length and over 2.5 meters in wheelbase.


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The C5 Aircross is where the high bonnet, split headlights and grille come from, along with the widespread use of plastic coverings everywhere.


The interior of a small car is standard when it comes to the quality of plastics and textures, but the design of the dashboard and seats is anything but ordinary.


Plus the rear seat is wide and nice – cushion to keep you in place, it lacks rear AC vents and even arm rests.


Cetroen C3 Price starts from:

$7K | Rs.5.7 Lakh  to $10K | 8.6 Lakh

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