Ola Electric Scooter - 135Km in just Rs.25


This is the most affordable Electric Scooter in IndIa

Cost Per Range

This run upto 130KM in just Rs.25! Which is Cheaper than Petrol

Top Speed

Has up-to 115Km per Hour Top Speed with powerful moter

E-Scooter Specs

Engine produces 5500W of power, with dual front and rear Disc brakes 

E-Scooter Look

Features you Luxury and modern Look with amazing tech features

E-Scooter Features

E-Scooter has a Touchscreen DIsplay with 2-Speakers at side

E-Scooter Features

Comes with Large Boot Stape that can hold 1 full size helmet

Coolest Electric Bike launching in India - 180Km/H

Key Option

There is no option for key, you have to open the lock with a Password from screen


Gives you 130KM Range in just 1 Charge


Can complete 0 to 40Km/H in 3.0 Second

Price Starts from

OLA S1 Pro Rs. 1,29,999 OLA S1: Rs. 99,999

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