You must have these Budget 80,000mAh Power Banks!

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These High-Capacity power banks of up to 80000 mAh battery helps you charge your smartphone upto 10 times without running to the socket.


Callmate 80000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank with 4 USB ports and 3 Input ports. Also having LED lights indicators. Price 3,799 (37% Off)


Coolnut 60000 mAh Power Bank with Fast 150W. Having all type of charging options with Wireless Charging. It can automatically charge from Sun (Solar Charging). Price 16,999 (40% Off)


Slainte 50000 mAh Power Bank Price 1,899


FluSun India 50000 mAh 30W Fast Charging Power Bank with multi layer protection and Dual Outputs + USB Type C Inputs... Price 1,799


Best Budget PowerBank Ambrane 50000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank. 20W Fast Charging with  Triple Output and Type C PD Cherging. Also has Metallic Body! Price 3,999


Ambrane 27000 mAh Power Bank having Fast 20W Type C PD Charging... Li-Polymer Battery with Triple Outputs...! Price 2,499 (20% Off)


Mi 30000 mAh Power Bank Price 2,999

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