You must know the Satisfaction rate of these Top Smartphone Brands!

To know how mush peple are Satisfied with your Smartphone Brand, then be with us for full review...!

Let's begin...


1. Apple 

Wooo, Apple at first. With Apple, 86.2% peoples are satisfied. And that's make Apple a great Company!

2. Huawie

With Huawie, 85.5% peoples are satisfied. But this is better as per my expectation.

3. Xiaomi

Most popular brand Xiaomi just having only 83.1% peoples who are satisfied!


Oppo at 4th. Its 76.1%  customers are just satisfied with their products...!

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5. Honor

Most popular brand Oppo just having only 75.2% peoples who are satisfied!

6.  iQOO

As IQOO is a Gaming company, so, gamers are quiet satisfied with IQOO as its scores 74.2% in the fied of customers satisfaction...

7.  Redmi

Redmi scores quiet good, as 73.7% customers are satisfied with the Brand.

8. Vivo

Oppo's customers are satisfied by the rate isn't good... 67.4%

9. Samsung

I couldn't expect this from Samsung, the customers satisfied rate is just 67.0%. Seems Samsung should work on this...!

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