WhatsApp Security 2021: Make secure your WhatsApp chats

I think we should talk about WhatsApp security today, a very important subject to inform others. As we all know about security, and many people will implement it or not. Whether people are attentive to this matter or not, but you should know if this WhatsApp chats pouched in any wrong way, then how much risk you may have. But do you think that your method is better in WhatsApp Chats Security? Don’t worry, here you will know the best WhatsApp security tricks that can protect you from hackers.

Thanks to end-to-end encryption technology, WhatsApp is considered the most secure messaging platform. Despite this, many times news of Whatsapp chat leaks or viral are heard. Recently, chats of some celebrities went viral, after which many questions were raised about the WhatsApp security of the platform in the minds of people.

Very few people know that WhatsApp provides various security features to its users, so that the account can be kept secure. However, WhatsApp users also need to follow certain rules so that the chat does not fall into the wrong hands. Let’s know how…

Disable cloud backup

WhatsApp saves chats done throughout the day in its cloud storage at night. This is because, if the user uninstalls WhatsApp or opens an account in a new phone, then cloud chat can recover old chats and media files.

The thing to note is that WhatsApp chat is encrypted but the content saved on the cloud is not encrypted. In such a situation, if it has access to a backup in the hands of a hacker, then by easily taking a backup of WhatsApp chat in another device, one can easily read them.

If you are worried that WhatsApp chat does not fall into any wrong hands, then disable the automatic cloud option immediately. However, if you un-install WhatsApp after doing this, you will not be able to recover the old chat by installing the app again.

Follow these steps to disable :

  • WhatsApp Settings > select chats
  • Click on Chat Backup
  • Back up to Google Drive option > select Never

Check manual encryption on WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp chat is encrypted, but we can check it ourselves. To check it, open the chat and click on the name and then click on the encryption option. After tapping, a pop-up will appear, showing the QR code and 40 digits below. This is the security code. This is WhatsApp Identity, which can be shared with others as well.

If you want to make sure that your WhatsApp chats secure or not, then you can verify the code shown in your phone with another user’s code.

WhatsApp security two-step verification

You can also start 2 step verification of your WhatsApp account as WhatsApp Security. Two-step verification can provide more security to the whatsapp account. If you have activated this feature, then whenever you open an account on any other device, it will ask for a 6-digit code, which only you will know.

To enable it follow these steps:

  • Open Whatsapp Setting page
  • Tap Account > click two step verification from the list > Enable
  • Enter six digit pin of your choice > conform it
  • Provide an email address that you can access or tap > conform the email address
  • Finally click on Done

If you do not add an email address and by chance you forget your PIN, you will have to wait 7 days before resetting your PIN. Since whatsapp do not verify the email address to confirm its accuracy, make sure you provide an exact email address that you can access.

In such a situation, even if a hacker can find the details of your number or WhatsApp account, he could not be able to use WhatsApp, because you have enable 2 step verification.


Active Fingerprint / Face-ID Security

Face id or fingerprints are a very ordinary things but plays a very important character in whatsapp security also WhatsApp provides bio metric security. To Active Fingerprint / Face-ID Security on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp > From the right three dots tap settings > Account > Privacy
  • Click on the Screen Lock Option
  • Turn on the Touch id or Face Id
  • Tap required Face Id
  • Choose the duration after which Touch id or Face id will get prompted

Bonus tips for WhatsApp security

The last but most important tips- do not click on any unknown link coming on WhatsApp groups without thinking. This can be spyware, which can steal personal information from your phone.

Also, do not download files sent to the inbox from any unknown number. However, to be safe from this, the feature is available in WhatsApp. Due to this feature, it can be decided without your permission who can add you to the group and who can not add it.

To do this follow these steps: WhatsApp Settings page > Account > Privacy >Groups > My Contacts.

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